Vegas Market – part 2

Posted on Fri, 3 Aug 2012 by KiM

I showed you the Four Hands showroom earlier, but there were so many other showrooms that caught my eye as well. While partaking in the Traditional Home treasure hunt, I managed to snap some photos of pieces that pretty much distracted me from the tasks at hand.

Another of my favourite showrooms was Lulu & Co. I love French furnishings – the rustic vibe, classic and understated. These guys do it VERY well. 

Palecek was also in my top 3 showrooms. Every single piece was absolutely gorgeous and made of the most incredible materials. Unfortunately I didn’t end up snapping many photos there. 

Loved the pieces by Fred. Wood and steel case goods with a mid-century modern vibe. 

POLaRT – the craziest outdoor furniture I’ve ever seen. Go big or go home with this collection. 

Room Service had such funthrow pillows in bold patterns and colours.

Classic Home had some beautiful light fixtures (not sure if they were part of their collection or not) and bedroom display.

Classy outdoor furniture by Robert Allen.

Now this is my type of outdoor furniture – loungey and casual. The Nest Collection by Seasonal Living.

Lexington had some HOT pieces that were high gloss fabulous like this credenza and ornate Rococo-esque bed. 

Loved this Laura Ashley lamp with a design on the inside of the lampshade. So pretty when turned on with a bright bulb.

The Arteriors showroom was very inspiring but unforuntately I didn’t take many photos. However, this little vignette caught my eye. Such a pretty display of wild flowers. 

M.A.B says:

Amazing work from Lulu & co, the woody dining table is remind me back in Japan… and now is quite rare…

Åsa, Gothenburg says:

Just love it! Wish I could have shopped with an unlimited card…

Love every single one of these pieces! They are each so inspiring.


oregonbird says:

Fred. Now I know what's the name of Terry Pratchett's character 'the luggage' when it's at home!

Keputihan says:

Laura Ashley is one of the design lamp, that i admire, i really love it !

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