Crushin’ on Michael Graydon

Posted on Thu, 9 Aug 2012 by KiM

I am still crushing hard for Toronto photographer Michael Graydon (I showed my devotion to his work here). His photos are scattered all over just about every Canadian shelter magazine around, and they are simply magical. He makes me want to be a part of each room he has captured….especially the ones below. 

Brian says:

These photos are simply beautiful, they make every house an amazing place to live in.

Zhao Man says:

Hi, nice to meet you, and hope I do not disturb you.
I'm a staff of TV program production company in Japan.My name is Zhao Man.
And we are making a new TV program called "Korezo!NIPPON Ryu!" about introducing funky&amazing things in Japan that foreigner people think this month(Augest).

This time the title is "Japanese home".
When we researched before making the program, the foreigners said that Japanese front door is different from their countries. Japanese's house has a step at the front door.
So we want to introduce a picture of foreign's house front door picture, to make viewers know the difference between foreign and Japan house.

Could we use your NO.7 and NO.19 picture of ”front door” on "Korezo!NIPPON Ryu!" program?
If we could use it, please connect me. My e-mail address is:

Hope you have a good day and waiting for your answer!
Thank you very much!

Zhao Man

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