Living with dogs

Posted on Thu, 9 Aug 2012 by KiM

Brendan of interior design firm Kwinter & Co. (previously featured here) emailed about one of her design projects that included 2 very large dogs – Bernese Mountain dogs which happens to be one of my favourite breeds. It is the Toronto townhouse of Dr. Stephanie Bot, a psychoanalyst, which explains the Freud bust that resides next to the bed. 🙂 Brendan explained: This project was all about the dogs and how to furnish it in a way that worked for them. I used colors that were close to theirs so that when they shed it doesn’t show up so much. Many of the materials were dog friendly. Having 7 cats, I totally understand the need to consider animals when decorating and most importantly, when purchasing furniture. I hope the dark floors hide the black fur!

ian says:

yes, bernies are wonderful dogs. i had, at one point, thought of adopting a bernie when i was planning on getting a dog, or two, or three, but discovered they have very short lifespans and the reason why that is so. they are prone to several different types of cancer that cuts their lives short, six years or less on average. there is more information on the bernese mountain dog club of america. it's all very sad. i now have three rhodesian ridgebacks, which are equally wonderful dogs and healthy too.

These are cool! It's fun to see a different style. I like them both!

Dr. B says:

Thank you for posting my townhouse. We have since moved and lost my female Berner. Just wanted to comment on above post. My Berner passed at 8yrs and my big guy is going strong at 9. Apart from my girl, the Berners I know have made it past 10yrs and I think good breeders offer longer lifespans for these amazing pups. They are the most soulful loving dogs who definitely enjoy beautiful decor! Thanks Kwinter & Co.!

KiM says:

I'm sorry your lost one of your Berners Dr. B. 🙁

Denise says:

I too have the privilege of being owned by a Berner. And much as I love the home featured above, the photographs omit the one essential feature of any home with a Bernese mountain dog in residence: tumbleweeds of fur all over the floors!

Dr B I love that round table and your home looks so elegant – but of course it must be, it's the home of a Bernese lover.

Eve says:

Love your home. We now have a five month female Berner. We had one previously who passed away last March at the age of 12 years and 4 months. We can only hope to be this blessed twice in a lifetime!

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