Posted on Sun, 12 Aug 2012 by KiM

It is really heartbreaking to know that my 2 weeks off work (the day job that is) has come to an end. Aside from my short 4-day trip to Las Vegas, I didn’t really do much and frankly, that was just what I needed. Time to read a book, watch some TV, organize and clean around the house, cuddle with the cats, have time to chill with my husband, and not rush blog tasks. This is what I call HEAVEN. And it’s OVER. I need a little pick-me-up today, in the form of a peaceful, serene, calm home. A particular location home I found on 1st Option will do the trick. (P.S. My husband and I spent yesterday downtown in the Byward Market, and quite randomly ended up buying a sofa that we both fell in love with. I snapped a quick photo which will be up on my page along with other bits and bobs we saw later today).

Kelly says:

Beautiful! What an inspirational space.


Amy says:

Where is this exactly? And who is the designer of the space?

KiM says:

Amy, it's in London (SW18) and there was no info about the designer.

leslie says:

wow, what a beautiful place. i LOVE the kitchen!

oregonbird says:

Grandma's house, in the cool zone.

Amy says:

Thank you Kim for info – it's beautiful!

I just love this place – that artwork is fantastic. Too bad there isn't more info on the designer, I like their vibe. 🙂 I posted some of the photos with a link back here – thanks for showing us this one!

how2home says:

This home is fabulous! The pops of red is stunning around the place!

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