C-J Abbey

Posted on Fri, 7 Sep 2012 by midcenturyjo

Pretty and bright, fresh and light. Simple beauty in a casual living space. Layers of neutrals are warmed by the honey glow of the floors and a limited array of colourful accessories. Tying it all together is the wonderful natural light flooding into the rooms. The perfect little urban apartment with a modern country feel by interior designer C-J Abbey.

Bernadette says:

Simply gorgeous… every room and every detail. It's nice that they have so many windows and seems like lots of lovely greenery outside for peaceful views. The striped blanket on the bed is so pretty. And the dog and his/her little bed are both adorable.

Does anyone know what the finish is on the kitchen faucet?

KiM says:

It looks it might be polished gold (looks a bit too shiny to be brushed).

oregonbird says:

That was refreshing. Those are well-dressed rooms. I love the small top oven, that's a brilliant idea — I always do think separating the cooktop and the stove is ideal. Do you know the brand? I'm not entirely sure what purpose a see-through wall serves for the toilet!

Carmen Santos says:

The environments are posted on Desire to Inspire so wonderful, it is impossible to say which is my favorite.

Mike says:

I love this !

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