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Posted on Fri, 7 Sep 2012 by KiM

A reader named Monica recently scored 3 Eames LCM chairs at an estate sale (lucky girl!). Here’s her dilemma: I’d like to use them as dining chairs, but I know they’re more lounge-type chairs (hence the L in the name). They’re not super low, but you end up leaning back more than in a regular dining chair. I see the Eames shell chairs in dining rooms all the time, but never these. Do you have any examples of dining rooms that use these? I’m thinking about pairing them with a wood table and a built-in- or freestanding-bench along the other side. They actually come in a 16″ lounge version which is what Monica has, and an 18″ dining chair version. She’s trying to convince her husband they will work as dining chairs because she has enough occasional chairs (although I personally think there’s no such thing as too many chairs!). I went through my photo stash and found photos of it as a dining chair, and I threw in some of the LCW version too at the end. I love these as dining chairs – they’re a great break from the normal Eames molded plastic chairs everyone seems to use.

Roger D’Souza


Living Etc.

Dane Tashima



Koning Eizenberg Architecture

Amanda Prior

Chicago Home + Garden


Apartment Therapy


Eric Roth

James Wagman

Home & Decor Singapore

Ian MacDonald

excellent…thanks for your research…a perfect chair…

All of the designs really are amazing in their own right. However the design from Dane Tashima, Koning Eizenberg Architecture, and Ian MacDonald really stood out for me. Very spacious enviornments with simple relaxing design. Thanks for sharing!

Tom says:


Monika might be right. It looks like the majority of the photos are using DCM or DCW chairs which are made for dining. LCM and LCW are much lower and more difficult to use at a 29"h table.


alikat says:

I got four of black ones for 40 bucks..enjoying them a lot…

Wow, I have never seen them before, everyone has been talking about plastic side chair forever now.

This was something new and exciting, thanks for sharing!


HK says:

Tom/Monika, pretty sure that all the chairs in the pictures are DCM/DCW and not the lounge variety.

mandy says:

Hi Monica,

I have (8) DCW and I hate sitting on them. They are comfortable away from a table but as soon as they are pulled up to the dining table they are really uncomfortable. It's the seat pitch at the back that just doesn't work at a dining table. We spent a fortune on them and now we are looking to get something else. We have never had a guest who found the chairs comfy enough to linger in – and that spans a wide range of heights and body types. So I can only imagine that the LCM would be even worse at a dining table…

Loft211 says:

I have the dining version and it's perfect with my Saarinen tulip white table. My mom always puts a pillow when she comes over, though… The lounge version is probably too low. But you scored big, I'm sure the chairs would look amazing anywhere else in your home!

Beautiful work. Never tried them but I would love to.

I have the dining chair version and they are so comfortable! They just fit the body perfectly and are wonderfully comfortable for long lazy dinners. Go for it!

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