Eric Roth – #5

Posted on Thu, 27 Sep 2012 by KiM

We have a serious crush on photographer Eric Roth. So serious that this is the 5th post we’ve done of his work (find the others here). And in a couple of hours you’ll find a 6th post. His work is THAT GOOD. The homes he has photographed are THAT GOOD. I am totally jealous. It’s one thing to come across such gorgeous spaces online, it’s another to be able to see them in person, and get up close and personal to photograph them. I am so smitten with Eric’s portfolio that I decided to save the best for last – so all of my favourites are coming up in the next post.

oregonbird says:

That entry hall is completely original. Excellent design. Lots of the rooms have a very workable, liveable 'pop art' motif. I don't know where Roth is based, but I get a very American feel off his work and the interior designs, as varied as they are.

Natalya says:

What a beautiful home!

I just love all this pictures. Who are the designers of all the rooms?

KiM says:

I have no idea Maria. Sorry.

Heather says:

Where is this home located? How beautiful. The idea to put the foot in the room is pretty unique.

I love the dark kitchen and the bathrooms. The horse photo (?) is really cute!

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