Doherty Lynch

Posted on Mon, 8 Oct 2012 by midcenturyjo

Contemporary Australian interior design at its best. A lofty statement but true. Part playful, part disciplined approach to spatial design. Pushing boundaries, appreciating the little details. Passion, creativity, enthusiasm, and freshness. Purity of design, an understanding of how people need a space to work, a love of materials and colour. Mardi Doherty and Fiona Lynch. Doherty Lynch. Bright, new Australian design. Inspiring.

Awesome, I love this work. It just reinforces how much I adore arch windows!

WyGal says:

The first house, (first 4 photos) is absolutely a dream house! Love it!

Zainab riyaz says:

I love the idea of a bookshelf over tv cabinet..great combination and creative utily of space

That bright living room of that first house (first few pictures) is amazing. Beautiful color on the walls, too. Managed to pull of warm and cozy simultaneously with clean, modern, and practical!

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