Sarah Lavoine encore

Posted on Wed, 17 Oct 2012 by KiM

Here is another breathtaking project designed by interior designer Sarah Lavoine. It is pretty obvious that this Parisian apartment is the home of an art collector. Most people who design spaces for art collectors leave the walls white. NOT SARAH! She used teal, bright yellow and black – all perfectly suited for the spaces and the artwork they hold. Jaw-dropping results once again. 

madonnaofcoogee says:

Wow, that is one big apartment! It would fit four or five cupboard-sized ones like most Parisians (the ones I know!) have. The black is so dramatic, but works here with all that pop art and coloured furniture, and some white/light rooms to balance Feeling a major crush on the furniture – that green table, the little side table with band of yellow – and big envy at the space to spread out art reference books and browse. And the view's not bad either.

KMP says:

Love the apartment!… what I find stunning in particular is the contrast of the black and white with the bright yellows and blues….I find they contrast greatly together…The classical rhythm of the interiors play beautifully with the modern furniture pieces and of course the art!….It has a simplicity and cleanliness in lines but you can feel the richness in textures and elements … The ceiling fixtures are outrageous!… love them all!…..Great project!

Miguel says:

Fantastic! I really like the color palette, it make me think in Piet Mondrian. I really love your blog!

Brilliant example of letting colour speak for its self. I love it!

Orlyhappy says:

Amazing, in fact, it is her own appartment, with a view on the Tuilerie park next to the Louvre. Magic location !!!

Jamil says:

Colors are great and used with good balance, love it !

Monica N. says:

I LOVE the lamp in the first 2 photos. Any idea where one can find that?

selina says:

Falling in love!
Sarah Lavoine's website is full of gorgeous design. The cabinetry is amazing simple but finished superbly with really perfect detailing.
A question though does anyone know where the large upside down hat like chandelier is from?

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