Joanna Henderson

Posted on Tue, 6 Nov 2012 by midcenturyjo

Speechless. No words. These photos. Amazing. Wait. Let me try. The soft light, the rich colours, the wonderful, casual vibe. It’s an interpretation, an understanding, an appreciation of beauty. British photographer Joanna Henderson. Considered and enchanted, captured through a lens.

Sonia says:

Absolutely stunning, bold and vibrant colours and contrasts. I absolutely adore the lime green, flowered wallpaper matched with the bright turquoise writing bureau.

oregonbird says:

Bright and reviving. With winter moving in, it's so nice to see this sort of thing! I love the eye, the details and angles are homey without falling anywhere near ordinary. The mastery of the total space, around the image being captured, is obvious. Beautiful work.

tammi says:

i absolutely love all the bright colors, and mixed patterns. after raising my kids, and having the old country blue sofa and oak furniture, i have gone completely on the wild side now! love it, great work's of art.

gloria g says:

I love that red/pink sideboard……what paint is that, and the color…..please…, love, love it……

Carol says:

love love love

Lana says:

It is so cosy, colorful and inviting! Love it! Especially those florals on the pillow cases! Stunning! Travel is my favorite theme… no wonder I Love the culturally reach inspired places like here … more color …more joy! Cheers!

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