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Posted on Tue, 6 Nov 2012 by midcenturyjo

Hands up who hasn’t seen Sisley cosmetics Christine d’Ornano’s London home. Hands up who hasn’t drooled over the blue velvet doors and yellow chairs of “that” dining room/library. Hands up those who missed the m,any interiors magazine features including Elle Decor. The paintings, the OTT 70s floral fabric bedroom walls, the overstuffed sofas and modernist chairs. I love that house. So I was overjoyed to see Joanna Henderson‘s interpretation of the rooms. I think this talented British photographer’s images truly capture the everyday beauty, the family style, the livability of this fabulous home. Relaxed and casual but very, very special.

Susann says:

I'm so in love with this house! Don't really like the bedroom and bathroom (because of the walls), but the other rooms are so gorgeous!

Bernadette says:

I really enjoyed looking at this space! The eclectic furniture, artwork (especially the butterfly :o) exquisite lighting, gorgeous wall colors and moulding – all delightful! I'd love to know the brand and shade of the pink walls.

Maria says:

Third picture, Harry Potter books on the bookshelf… I like her 🙂

Annie says:

Good God Allmighty! Gorgeous! Velvet friggin doors. Wow. And the pops of orange and teal. So lovely. I am a bit confused about the wallpaper and floor in the bedroom – really don't seem to work together. I do like the wallpaper in the bathroom though.
Really such an original, warm home.

Oh those blue fabric covered doors!

Holland says:

What a happy place to live a lovely life!

Amalia says:

The ice blue velvet chesterfield – I die! And the gloss grey walls – wow a bold move…you really must be confident about design if you follow this route.

Cassie says:


I find new things to love about these rooms each and every time I see them. The thoughtful design details are so effective without being overwhelming or obvious. Fresh mix of vintage with vintage modern. Adore all but the bedroom wallpaper, which I very much like–just not as restful as I prefer for a bedroom.

Jasmine says:

THOSE DOORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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