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Posted on Sun, 25 Nov 2012 by KiM

I have to admit, I have a hard time blogging on the weekends. I’m so busy with the day job and blogs during the week that I basically only have the weekends for errands, cleaning, random blog projects, Christmas shopping this time of year, and spending time with the hubby and cats. All this whining to say I have about 5 minutes to find something for my Sunday posts so bear with me. Yesterday afternoon I came across this very small but very cool apartment on Fantastic Frank. I’m tellin’ ya, the FF folks are some of the best stylists and photographers in the biz. Canadian real estate agents take note, because 99% of you have no freaking clue how to market a place like these folks do. I love the funky eclectic vibe of this apartment – and am particularly fond of the sliding mural bedroom door. FUN!

This place is an eye candy! Must visit their blog!

Eclectique oui , j'aime l'esprit donné à cet appartement. Réussi.

Poochie Lou says:

As a Canadian living in Sydney, Australia, I am always amazed at the difference in the real estate marketing and actual open houses between the two countries. I completely agree, Canadian real estate agents need to lift their game…

The books by color always amazes me. I am studying these pictures. Lots of good ideas for staging and photographing interiors.

acpgee says:

Who does the amazing carpet in the living room?

a Canadian realtor says:

I agree that many realtors don't even invest in professional photography although most successful professionals do. We are also at the mercy of our sellers when it comes to the look of their homes. It's safe to say that most fabulous homes don't come on the market; their owners spend time and money on them because they want to stay in them! That leaves us with mediocrity for the most part and although many of us do our best to encourage sellers to invest in some staging & styling that will get them a quicker sale at a better price, the cost is often an obstacle. In the current real estate market, even in Vancouver, it's all about presentation! First impressions count.

Cussot says:

That bathroom intrigues me. Why is what appears to be a handheld shower outside the glass enclosure? Does the glass swing over or something? Really good use of what looks like a tiny bathroom.

Peggy says:

The rug in the livingroom is from IKEA, about 800 Euro.

Cap gee says:


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