Malatesta Maison

Posted on Mon, 3 Dec 2012 by midcenturyjo

A dream, a beautiful, beautiful dream come to life. A rustic home in the Marche countryside, Pergola in Italy. Stylish and elegant yet simple and casual. Designed by Michele Gambato of MGARK, Malatesta Maison is home to Claudia, Carlo, Isabelle and their three dogs. Interior decoration is by Orietta Marcon of Civico Quattro.

No need to dream about this special maison though. It is also a B&B. Yes you can stay and pretend, just for a little while, that it is all yours. In the meantime head to Claudia’s blog Malatesta to see more of her inspirations and creations and the beauty that is her family’s everyday life.

Mr. Jinkles says:

The chairs on the first photos are very nice. Who designed them and for whom?

Melanie says:

Is that the shower behind the bed? I love that idea, also when it's done with a tub. One room for all those relaxing, private moments.

Claudia says:

Thank you girls for your post we hope one day to have a guest here in our b & b, a hug and have a nice day.
Claudia, Carlo e Isabel

Jennifer says:

It IS a dreamy place! The quality of the light is amazing and the decor is innovative and welcoming. Carefully detailed, but not obsessive. I would have had to use white hardware for the pendant lamp in the first photo; the dark hardware used would have driven me nuts. And yet – somehow it works. A great lesson for me in relaxing a little bit, and perhaps allowing a room to develop a bit of natural rhythm? Thanks for an interesting tour!

Cc says:

@ Mr. Jinkles
Those chairs are quite traditional in Italy. You find them almost anywhere there were many cheap chairs needed, e.g. at the back of churches to add rows of seating. Only, they're normally not white 🙂 I have no idea if they're still in production and who invented them though.

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