A taste of retro

Posted on Mon, 21 Jan 2013 by midcenturyjo

An old apartment given a fresh new “do”. Vintage furniture sits happily with polished concrete floors while lighting old and new defines the different zones. It’s bright and fresh, bursting with personality and a just little irreverent. Love the wall of Tretchikoff and David Lynch ladies. Secretly though I would sell my soul for the blue Murano dragon’s tears chandelier. Sigh! A fun apartment makeover by interior design studio Anatomy Design. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa the design duo of Andrea Kleinloog and Megan Hesse has hit just the right balance between high kitsch and high style.

claire says:

It's lovely. I love the blue sofa and the blue chandelier the most!

I'm in love with it all ( excepting the metal skulls )

deon marais says:

i knew this was in south africa for all the kitch. where are the value pieces? putting things of varying kitch together does not an interior make. awefull. and the mother in laws togue plant is so over. yes really.

Dear Deon,
No style is ever over, it just keeps evolving and sometimes a particular part of it will stay with us forever.
Follow trends and you may never learn what you truly want to be surrounded with, be it interiors or lifestyle.

Brismod says:

I missed this post and was googling dragon tears and found it. That dragon tears chandelier is gorgeous. I want some more to replace the dodgy acrylic crystals in my bathroom light. xx

Starr says:

Where did you get the pulls for the bathroom vanity?
I love them and have the same vanity.
Would love to purchase these!!!

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