Furniture frenzy at the European fairs

Posted on Sun, 3 Feb 2013 by KiM

My pals Deborah and David of Green Light District (the awesome shop now in Toronto where I got this dreamy chair) just got back from the IMM trade show in Cologne and Maison & Objet in Paris, and kindly shared with my a bunch of the photos they took. I thought I’d pass them along so you can get a glimpse of some of the really cool designs that are up and coming. Deborah put together a little list of what seemed to be popular at these shows: 

1.  Shift back to lighter woods (mostly European oak) in all furniture pieces
2.  Most dining tables were oblong or oval or just a plain unusual shape
3.  European kitchens are modular and transportable (when they move apartments, kitchens move too)
4.  European kitchen technology is far superior to ours, just look at those vent hoods!
5.  Every manufacturer featured a desk that was sleek, compact, functional and beautiful
6.  Poofs are crazy popular
7.  Colour is back big in upholstered furniture, glassware, ceramics, kitchen cabinetry
8.  Felt & wool galore on chairs, stools, poofs
9.  Tall candlesticks making a comeback

Love that #7 is back. I love the bright bold colors!!

Patricia says:

The big comeback of Danish Modern 🙂 lovely set: armchair and desk on picture 4. That actually inspires me these days.

Karin says:

Oh wow, those orange ceramics! What brand are they from? Or would the photographer remember? Some help please, the bowls especially are to die for

Johanna says:

Thank you for sharing the trends – answer to Karin's question: the ceramics are from Rina Menardi – – her pieces are beautiful… enjoy!

Karin says:

@Johanna – Thank you! Now off to browse her catalog…

Thank you Johanna for identifying the ceramicist! Deborah, Green Light District, Toronto.

Kalle Id says:

Could help but point out one factual error: Not all European kitchens are modular and transportable, there is variation to this depending on the country. In my native Finland, for instance, kitchens are integrated into the apartment and do not move with the inhabitants.

Michael Muranski says:

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