Stalking a house of blocks

Posted on Tue, 5 Feb 2013 by midcenturyjo

A house with definite ideas on inside out living. A series of cubes that almost tumble across the small inner city block. Open plan living with a separate bedroom pavilion. I’m stalking a townhouse in Prahran, Melbourne. Love the change of levels and the courtyard. Link here while it lasts.

Maria says:

I love the idea of a seperate bedroom pavillion, plus the way the home is so open – being able to see across the courtyard into the bedroom. Has a wonderful openness, like a home not a townhouse. Also love the exterior – the mix of textures…. what is the wall on the upperlevel finished in? If this would be deemed as "downsizing" , wow I could do it! Love that its modern, but also a touch modernist with the clever mix of furniture.

neko says:

Nice, but for such a clean, sharp rectilinear house those slightly angled deck stairs to the garden offend me greatly.

Jason says:

I just visited this on the weekend. Very lovely house and very open. I loved the pavillion bedroom. The exterior is clad in a painted plywood which was fine in the undercover areas but some of parts where its more exposed, the sheets had started to separate and split, which still looked amazing but i was just worried about the longevity. I originally thought it was covered in a rusted metal would would have been stunning.

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