A bathroom by Minosa

Posted on Fri, 22 Feb 2013 by KiM

Jo featured a really innovative kitchen a couple of weeks ago by Minosa Design, and today I’ve got a stunning bathroom. It’s so sparkly and gorgeous – mostly due to the gorgeous Bisazza glass mosaics – and frankly makes my bathrooms look horrifying (they haven’t been renovated ever, mind you). Can I get it to go? 😉

Love the modern bathroom!

hv says:

Yes, really nice and well done. But then I had a "OH NO!" when I saw the shower. Why did they use this beige stone when all is white and grey?

fg says:

I agree…my heart was all a flitter…until I saw the beige stone in the shower. Odd choice inho.

Gut says:

Actually I see some wooden drawyers as well, so overal view might be slightly different than it is expected from the photos and the beige stone could fit.

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