Stalking South Yarra

Posted on Sat, 23 Feb 2013 by midcenturyjo

I’m in Sydney for the trade fairs and I’m stalking in Melbourne. I could have arranged that a little. Perhaps I could have made it to an open for inspection if I had chosen a Sydney home. No instead I am in South Yarra in my virtual world. Pity I can’t see this one in the flesh. So much is promised in the photos, so much unseen. A little snooping in person would be the only thing that could satisfy me. Link here while it lasts.

Mark says:

Fashion designer Allanah Hill's house FYI.

Budgie says:

Nice spot Mark, I knew it had her "feel" all over this place before I even looked it up!

Frete says:

It looks like a palace, a dream home. Beautiful house Allanah!

Pam says:

It reminds me of the Garden District in New Orleans.

oh holland says:

The cheery, casual floral designs on the pair of wing chairs and rug are just the right touch to balance the living room's formality.

Antoinette says:

My first thought was that looks like it was styled by Allanah Hill.

frosinia says:

it's a great house, but it's got architecture, no wonder the result is so good,it's more difficult to design an interior without any

oregonbird says:

So much miniaturized opulence — the house seems to call for inhabitants of 17th century stature — and what do I like the most? The kitchen island. Is that the prettiest island you've ever seen, or what?

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