Surfers House

Posted on Tue, 26 Feb 2013 by midcenturyjo

Surf’s up and so is my pulse. Beautiful white boxes punctuated by large expanses of glass, the house is by Sweden’s Arkitektstudio Widejdal Racki (work completed while the firm was Arkitektstudio WRB). Open it up to the beautiful site or close it up and shelter inside when wild weather rolls in. Casual, stylish and perfect for a surfing weekend. What am I saying? Just surfing? You would find me just sitting on the patio being hypnotised by the ever changing sea.

Petra says:

wunderschöne Bilder ♥♥♥Liebe grüße

Frances kassam says:

Would love to know where the stools are from under the bar…beautiful pictures.

Charlotte says:

Love this, such gorgeous open spaces!

Aren't Scandinavians brave? Instead of burrowing down to escape the cold, they open to embrace whatever light is going!

anon says:


Maria says:

I love that this home is not huge – each space is used, its not big and pretentious . Simple clean lines, it almost has an Australian feel about it? Just adore your choices of houses to share Jo!

Jhon Surfing says:

I love this house! I look forward to making a similar one near the beach!

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