Stalking a small terrace in Sydney

Posted on Tue, 5 Mar 2013 by midcenturyjo

It’s no secret that I have an addiction to period homes. I love the sense of history, the architectural details, the layers of living that these old places bring with them. Add in a leafy, almost overgrown garden and art, art and more art and a real estate agent has me mesmerised like a rabbit in a spotlight. Stalking in Paddington, Sydney is always dangerous for me. I want it all! I’m greedy for little terraces big on real life style just like this little cutie. Link here while it lasts.

Anne says:

I ADORE this house! The warm wood tones and sunny yellows really brighten up a space that could easily look stuffy and old. Gorgeous find!

Natalie Singh says:

That's one of the narrowest houses I've ever seen, but beautifully done. Great style and gorgeous garden!

Amina says:

Beautiful, is really inspiring objects


Cussot says:

It's so interesting to see the layout and measurements of the rooms along with the photos. Thanks, Jo!

Helen in Asheville says:

Love love love this house. However there are no closets in sight. I wonder if the second bedroom is used as a closet/dressing room.

I LONGED for one of these adorable little houses when I was growing up in Sydney! Now I have friends who live in them and I love their charm and neatness all over again. Closets can go hang themselves.

Ivy Lane says:

and all that beautiful art work!!! WOW! lovely!

Hi Jo! Deborah here (one of your sponsors) from Green Light District. Just wanted to say I adore every flipping thing about this house!!!

Danielle says:

I too live in a long and narrow city house. Mine is just shy of 6m, not quite the 3m seen here. It's a challenge to furnish and to create the illusion of width. Here in this case, the warmth of the colors and of the natural and distressed woods creates this sense of openness and ease. The access to natural light and the garden access also helps immensely. Beautiful little house, very well done.

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