Revisiting Anita Calero

Posted on Mon, 18 Mar 2013 by midcenturyjo

Forever and a day ago in the blogosphere (my take on the fairytale opening words “Once upon a time in a far away land…”) photographer Anita Calero‘s West Chelsea loft bounced from blog to blog and back again. So much of what we see on blogs, especially what we all love, becomes a visual cliché. Yawn, seen that, click over to something else. With the distance of time some things that faded through repetition can become clearer again and make you remember how much you admired them. That happened to me on the weekend when I revisited Calero’s work. Always loved her loft, her Long Island house ticked my boxes too and as for the rest of her portfolio… how could I forget how much I was in awe of both her style and her photographs?

Elin says:

I have not seen this before. What a great place!!

Michele Mauger says:

Fantastic, love it. I love the colour white on the walls. With 1000’s of white paint colours on the market, it’s hard to choose one. Does anyone know what white this is?

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