Stalking with water views

Posted on Mon, 18 Mar 2013 by midcenturyjo

Imagine a hot summer’s day. Barely a breeze to move the humid air. The sort of day to rest within the shadows, lazily watching the water ripple as the occasional fish flops and plops. Cicadas thrum and the only movement is a slow wispy cloud that teases with the promise of rain that will never come. I couldn’t think of a better place to pass the long summer hours, doing nothing but taking it all in through sleepy eyes. Perhaps a dip in the surprisingly cool water just a stone’s throw away. I’m real estate stalking in Berowra Waters north of Sydney. More than the perfect weekender that I’d never want to leave. Link here while it lasts.

Sara says:

So amazing! I want to fall asleep in that bed looking at the water.

I'm moving in!

Linda in Texas says:

Your photo of the green area up top is especially stunning. I feel immersed in nature!

Buckboard Hill says:

Amazing… can crocodiles climb stairs?

priscilla says:

wait, crocodiles? ach, you just ruined it.

Jane says:

Stunning and tranquil – love it!

Desire to Inspire says:

No crocodiles for 1000s of kilometers 🙂

Philadelphia Interior Designer says:

Beautiful! no other words for it. So tranquil, just love it…

Donna Hoffman

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