A haunted house

Posted on Thu, 4 Apr 2013 by KiM

A big thanks to Lisa for sending us this link to a real estate listing in Rosemont, Montréal. This home has got to be haunted! While it needs a SERIOUS amount of TLC, the woodwork is to die for – check out the interior doors! And those chandeliers! The bedroom is my favourite – SPOOKY!

lucie says:

pretty amazing!

Margaret says:

I would not change a thing….then move in for my Miss Havisham years!

Lesley says:

This would be a totally amazing b & b…I love it as is.

Suzanne Richard says:

I'm a Montrealer born and bred. This house has gone viral. It has been featured on Huff Post and it is for sale. It was built in 1920 and has been in the same family ever since.



Alexandra says:

LOL at that first comment… I completely agree though… I think besides fixing it up I would try to leave everything original because it's absolutely amazing.

rooth says:


Absolutely beautiful.

Melanie says:

So creepy, especially those lace drapes in the bedroom, ugh. Great woodwork though.

Stepanka says:

This house has been on the market for close to a year now. They were first asking around $800 000 for it. It keeps going down. A french underground horror movie was filmed there apparently, or so says the rumor going around in Montreal.

It must have been a beautiful house back in the days, very rich and opulent. It needs a LOT of love. Wish I had the money to buy it and restore it.

I'm a Montrealer. I lived for about 2 years right next to this house and never suspected about it. I discovered the viral post of the estate page on facebook last month and just fell in love with that wonderful amazing place. I just wish I had enough money to buy it (it has trned to be an amazing deal now) cause I'm so afraid someone stupid might just put it upside down to build a condo out of it. It should protected as an historical mnument in Montreal – there are not that much places like this in North America anymore. An amazing work. No ghost there – just lots of character and talent from the builder. It just needs a bit (a lot) of love and money to get back to life. To Beatrice from Paris : thanks for the link – it's an amazing "nid aux trésors" as well. It lacks the "creepy" charm though.

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