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The Southern Highlands, New South Wales. A land of plenty. A land of beauty. A land of hospitality and largesse. A home to match. Restrained luxury. Modern sensibility. A stylish standout. Interior design by Sarah Davison.

oregonbird says:

A marvelous sense of slow time and peace; classical proportions really do work well. It's a shame that most houses are built almost deliberately to antagonize the people who must live in them. The dining room art… its lovely, it should definitely be put somewhere else. Eat with that in my eyeline? No, thank you! I'd probably put a comfy chair and a tin table in the chess nook, and eat there. Could do with at least a nod to local culture.

Russell says:

Would love to know why the fireplace in the living room is off centre. Perhaps there's another fireplace in the room behind the wall ? Shame, that's the only thing that bugs me about an otherwise great use of space.

I absolutely love the painting in the dining room. Who is the painter? Does anyone know?

I found it!
It's Valeria Corvino, an italian painter.
Thanks to Mr. Phillip Bouffler, studio director for Sarah Davison)

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