Increation – a project with David Carter

Posted on Fri, 10 May 2013 by KiM

Increation worked with London interior designer David Carter on a glamourous apartment project (as glamorous is how David rolls). He needed a company to provide all the bespoke furniture; technical expertise and project manage the ‘fit out’ of the entire project. His style was matched by an equal desire for the highest quality finishes throughout the home – every last detail was a touch of pure class. We reclaimed and refurbished Victorian radiators throughout. We ripped out the existing ceiling to expose the concrete ceiling beneath. The finishing on this project was top class throughout. There were polished plaster walls, mirrored hallways, the most detailed bedroom panelling we have worked on to date, goat skin parchment covered doors and sensational timber flooring.

davincishome says:

oh, dear…. money not well spent.

Despinach says:

I thought I would be the only one who didn't like it, but then read the other comments and felt much better…. I am so happy that I still have some good taste!! 🙂

Carole says:

"every last detail was a touch of pure class"
What class was that? Revolting Class, Outrageously Hideous Class or Having-money-obviously-does-not-mean-one-has-taste Class?

Tony says:

Pity. Could have been such a terrific space if it had been done by someone with a sense of porportion. And really, how many window seats does one need in one apartment?

oh holland says:


Lilibeth says:

My children saw this and are now hiding under the stairs. I hope you are happy, David Carter.

Coozeecooza says:

Yikes! hideous + ostentatious

Lea says:

"Goat skin parchment covered doors" ???????????????

atma says:

I don't necessarily love every room here, but it's not _that_ bad!

Janice says:

Wow, this all looks very expensive, but it has zero cohesiveness and just looks like a mess in my opinion. I mean, the design is all over the place!

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