Stalking on the floor

Posted on Tue, 14 May 2013 by midcenturyjo

I like my brick old and tumbled and recycled and on the floor. I would sell my first born, if I had one, for a warehouse space like this where the brick was underfoot, heavy old beams above and walls of glass to let in the light. I would definitely have to tweak the furniture, make the persian rugs larger 9 (and maybe moroccan?), action some large art and change the doona cover(!) but the space itself? Yummy. Stalking beautiful old brick floors in Annandale, Sydney. Link here while it lasts.

Veronica says:

I know it is boring and practical to even say but how would you clean rough brick floors?

Fabulous space..the brick floors( practical??) and the beams..and huge windows( glass walls)..the bedroom is my favorite ..xx meenal

Fred says:

I agree the brick has a nice look, but I am with Veronica. How are you going to effectively clean the brick flooring? Won't it catch mud, and dirt like crazy? I would think maybe get some vinyl flooring that looks like brick, and will be WAY easier to keep clean!

rooth says:

That courtyard is just beautiful – the sunlight streaming in must be lovely

oregonbird says:

Big scrub broom and thrown sudsy water, then a mop. Not something to be done every week! But if you leave shoes at the door and don't have pets, you have a chance at keeping somewhat ick-free. I do love the flow of brick out into the courtyard.

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