Anonymous Architects

Posted on Wed, 15 May 2013 by KiM

“It’s hard to spot an Anonymous house. And that’s the way we like it.”
That is what drew me to Anonymous Architects, based in Los Angeles. Their designs are unfussy, functional and unpretentious. For simple folks who don’t like to mess around nor feel the need to show off to their neighbours.

oregonbird says:

Naturally, my first thought was, 'oh, another box.' Oh, what a well-designed box! The skylights, the openness and light throughout, the level changes, the upgraded floors (excellent), the sight lines — this is worthy stuff. Sure, I'd bring in color, but this design allows the scandi touch – yay! I'd change the rooftop aesthetic, something more food-friendly, but otherwise, this is a dream house. I'm pure urban, so I love the neighborhood too.

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