Westport Studio

Posted on Wed, 22 May 2013 by KiM

I LOVE this little 775 sq ft apartment located in Malmesbury, UK (it’s a unique hilltop market town established in 880AD!!!). This property dates to 1850, is solid stone and has been totally renovated. I’m forever a fan of old, rustic homes brought into the 21st century – love the stone walls and the beamed ceilings. It has such a cosy feel to it. The kitchen design is pretty creative – I take it it’s for folks who mostly eat out (although it even has a dishwasher!). How cool that it’s accessed from the road via a courtyard so it’s totally private. More details here and the agent’s page here.

pat says:


lei says:

Gorgeous! My grandma used to live in Malmsbury for many years 🙂 Awesome to randomly see a property from there appear on Desiretoinspire!!

Harriet says:

Love how they worked with the "A" frame design and kept the look rustic but modern and sophisticated.

James says:

Wow. I used to live next door to Westport Studio, and had my violin lessons in the upstairs space. It certainly looked a lot different then. But I always thought ut was a great building, and in fact I have a print of a sketch the outside on my wall at home. Looks great!

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