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Posted on Wed, 29 May 2013 by KiM

I came across this kitchen by Barry Rice and found it intriguing….in a mostly love/little bit ‘o hate way. Here are some details: The kitchen of this single-family brownstone in Brooklyn’s historic Clinton Hill neighborhood underwent a dramatic transformation. Small windows were replaced with accordion-folding glass doors that open to a screened dining area, and a warren of pantries was removed to create a large, open cooking and entertaining space. The working side of the kitchen features distinct zones for prep, cooking, baking and clean-up, and the guest side includes a bar, counter seating and a built-in sofa. Stainless counters and subway tile are practical and easy to clean, while walnut cabinetry and a stone island and baking top add warmth to the space. 

The amount of space is a dream. I am a lover of subway tiles (but with darker grout, and maybe not on every wall space). Great idea to line up all the ovens/microwave etc. down on one end so when you’re taking food in and out you don’t get in anyone’s way. Cooktops in the island is great for the cook so they can stir and chat. The rod for pots and pans is handy (as are TWO SINKS) if you keep them clean. Another dream – having enough room for a coffee/bar area, built-in sofa and shelving for dry goods/spices. I don’t think I would ever do a stainless counter – the scratches would send me over the edge (although seamless counter/sinks would be awesome when cleaning up).  3 types of counter material and all those stainless cabinets is too much in my opinion. I’m curious to know what you all think…..

well done…for a condo or a new-built, but not a brownstone, I hate to see all the character taken out of the historic home.
Also i am a brigh- kitchen-kinda gal so this is a bit dark for me and too much stainless steel.

What I like! I like the doors that open fully to the outdoor space. I think two sinks is almost always a good idea. I like all the high end stainless appliances. Okay, the kitchen seems a bit sterile. I feel like maybe a surgeon lives here, everything is all lined up down the walls, extremely organized, even the sofa seems stiff. It is beautifully done, just not my taste.

Lara says:

I always love the look of stainless steel but it's just so unpractical because every stain is so visible!
The subway tiles around the sink are gorgeous.

isaobeso says:

this is the dream kitchen; it has everything you need, as the title implies, and more. The distribution is amazing and it seems like a very welcoming area. The owners must cook a lot in there and it must be very very good!

oregonbird says:

Not two sinks. THREE sinks. In a single room. And TWO microwaves. Love the dull stone countertop, hate the pot hooks — they're fiddly and annoying to use, and in this kitchen, with all that space, the pots & pans could easily be in drawers. The choice of doors leaves them with either open/closed option — multiple sliding doors would have given them more regulation of airflow. Translucent cabinet fronts but crystal lighting fixtures — among the many? Every fingerprint would show, and if those rugs are actually cowhide…

What happens when people with the money to have it all want it all.

Adriene says:

I read this article yesterday and loved this kitchen so much I dreamed my kitchen had gotten an upgrade to this last night. This really is a dream kitchen!

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