Casa do conto

Posted on Tue, 4 Jun 2013 by KiM

A Brazilian reader named Mabel was fortunate enough to spend 4 days last month at this magnificent hotel in Porto, Portugal called Casa do Conto. It is a restored 19th-century bourgeois home that has been modernized and simplified. It is stunning. Shades of grey, white and black, concrete and unembellished walls. I would love to stay a while in a hotel like this, to see how I would feel in an environment this modern and minimal, imagining it as my home. I adore spaces like this but am not quite sure I could live like this long term. In any case, if I ever have the opportunity to visit Porto, I would gladly stay here. 🙂

Stella says:

I am a big fan of concrete and this hotel is stunning!

oregonbird says:

Exactly what I want in a hotel room. Definitely worth considering as a modern home. If you don't have cats or kids.

Katie says:

I LOVE the simplicity of these rooms, just relax and have no clutter. Beautiful peacefulness in a usually harsh and noisy material. Wonderful contrast!

Peter says:

The text-filled ceilings would drive me nuts.

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