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Posted on Thu, 6 Jun 2013 by KiM

It’s only been a few weeks since I blogged the captivating photography of Krista Keltanen. I’ve got some more goodies from her portfolio to whet your appetite for some sweet eye candy.  (Man I love clothing out on display on a rack. I need a bigger house so I can have one in my dressing room…and maybe one in a spare bedroom to hang all of my favourite blankets….)

Jenny says:

I recognize many of these from Alvhem. 🙂

Belen says:


oregonbird says:

The last room – how perfect is that! Great use of color blocking – and PINK! – such a sophisticated presentation of urban boho. Keltanen has mastered contrast, but that is just technique — there is a sense of unique, personalized life in the most structured of her pictures, somehow caught in the depth and texture she captures so well.

BJ says:

For the past year or so I've been spending a few minutes each day taking a break from work to check out desire to inspire. But it's beginning to seem to me that almost every post is alike. White walls, mid-century modern touches, pops of color… or some version of that theme. There doesn't seem to be much individuality. It doesn't matter whether the home is in Brazil, South Africa, Sweden, Canada or Australia. It all seems so naggingly familiar. Is this the price of our digital interconnectedness? I'm finding the sameness depressing. Even posts that are touted as original seem to be just messier variations on the same themes… maybe a flea market throw draped across that white dresser. There's got to be some truly original visions out there, yes?

KiM says:

BJ (or anyone else out there), if you ever come across any of these 'truly original visions' please send our way!

Lea says:

Homes are subject to trends and fashions just like everything else. What do you expect to see??

oregonbird says:

BJ, it might be simply a case of personal overload. Most people find themselves losing interest in, for example, music for at least a decade, at some point in their lives. They've heard the same notes often enough that the detail no longer offers any surprise. If they were lucky, that happened in the 70's. 🙂

Take some time off, come back with a fresh eye.

atma says:

Haha, I had a period of that with books! I'm an avid reader, but at one point I turned to a friend, saying: "I don't know, isn't it that all books are more or less the same? They have a beginning, a plot and an end. I'm so bored with that now"

Thankfully, after an extended break from reading, I got over it and can enjoy a book or eight with the best of them

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