Angelita Bonnetti

Posted on Wed, 26 Jun 2013 by midcenturyjo

From Switzerland to Italy and across the seas to Australia. From Marie Claire Maison to Elle Decor to Inside Out and Real Living. From modern and crisp contemporary to well lived in and loved. Beautiful rooms captured beautifully by photographer Angelita Bonnetti.

I really don't like a lot… There are so many different styles. The umbrella in the living?
And the Tiffany lamp is out of style 😉
De gustibus non est disputandum!!

SPIFFY says:

i agree with comment …
too much …sloppy …static …
cleaner lines PUH- LEEEEEZE ….

Coco says:

Bit of a mess, really. Definitely not a favorite.

amp says:

Well, I like it..there is a little inspiration in each photo..

tania says:

I'm with amp, I like it!! Great photos.

Lisa-Marie says:

I love a house that looks lived in and a house with character. Her work shows both. I think she is very talented.

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