Santa Maria del Cami

Posted on Tue, 25 Jun 2013 by KiM

A little bit smaller than the last home, Santa Maria del Cami is a 450 sq m newly built country home also located in Mallorca and designed by AP Design. Ethnic decor has been replaced with more traditional furnishings but with a bit of contemporary accents thrown in to keep it from being stuffy. And WOW – that stone exterior is spectacular.

peggy says:

Such a beautiful home. Love all the large white vases.

oregonbird says:

Very 'dressed for holiday'. It gives you somewhere to start, at least! I'd switch out some of the side-tables, along with the overly-matched black-framed pictures etc., in the bedroom, the dining room chairs, one of the identical rugs (WHY does so much *match*?! Guys, that is just wrong!) lose the hoards of warehouse pottery and that massive 'I Am Important' coffee table… nice place, though.

oh holland says:

Just don't see any personality in these rooms. The decor is so deliberate, it feels like a place staged to sell.

Belen says:

wow you never think in this interior with that exterior. Thanks for sharing

spectacular house!!

Jenny says:

When can I move in?

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