More goodies from Eric Piasecki

Posted on Thu, 27 Jun 2013 by KiM

I couldn’t get enough of Eric Piasecki‘s photos yesterday so here are a few I held back that I fell in love with, and thought they deserved their own post. Especially the one above. I now want a splotchy black wall desperately.

oregonbird says:

As always, the light sets the stage; the shadows and tonal qualities in Mr. Piasecki's work are so welcoming and natural. Would I be as attracted to the third image, the 'kitchen as bistro', if it wasn't set firmly in late afternoon, the deep glow promising great things as evening sneaks in? Don't know, don't care. Want to be there.

oh holland says:

The streaky black wall, bright MCM wire chair and model's look in the top pic are IT. So's the scrumptious aqua-blue woodwork and those blackened chairs with curved legs en pointe.

Streaky wall actually isn't it's lacquered and the streaks are just from the light coming in from the window

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