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Posted on Thu, 27 Jun 2013 by KiM

Sometimes I crave simplicity. My life is pretty much non-stop work and the idea of coming home to a simple, raw, calm minimalist space really appeals to me. Of course, this will never ever happen but I can look at spaces and dream that I can live without stuff. Like this apartment by Barcelona’s Nook Architects. LOVE the lighting/clothes rail strips, and the sections of hardwood flooring amidst the concrete (particularly when it joins into a bench).

Margaret says:

Hey nobody loves a minimalist decor more than I do, but hey where's the bed!

oregonbird says:

Love it – I've cut my belongings – yes, including clothes – down that far too, in the last year, and it is good. But I will not give up my big comfy chair! I thought it was my secret, but it looks like the secret is out — it's true, living simply really is all about the lighting. 🙂

p says:

looks fab with some lovely design details.. floor's, rustic walls.. etc, it's affordable chic. However, a space without furniture is not a home.. bring on the comfort!

Cussot says:

The lit clothes rails are brilliant and the aqua tile repetition is really effective. But I'm with Margaret, though — I haven't slept curled up on a little round rug since I was four.

Stella says:

Love mint tails on kitchen wall, so fresh!

peggy says:

Ah beautiful and serene. So Zen, except for sorry – I hate the ostrich art. Too witty and jarring for this space. I also dream of a minimalist space, but alas I am addicted to beautiful things. I so admire restraint. I try to keep my space simple, but it's always a balance. Love beautiful things, but not too many. When I have too much, I panic. Sometimes I worry that my place is overdecorated.

I love this project of theirs. Great ideas like the light/coat hanger.

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