Stalking for hours

Posted on Thu, 27 Jun 2013 by midcenturyjo

Hooray! Squarespace is working again. For a few hours there I watched a circle go round and round and round while the blog didn’t load. Not anymore. It’s time to stalk a modern home in Kew, Melbourne. I’ve been stalking it for hours… and hours… and hours. Now it’s your turn. A little bit brutalist with hard concrete surfaces but softened with rugs and art and furniture. Soaring ceilings and cosy spots. Love the backyard too. Once again a great campaign by the real estate agents Marshall White including a video that sells the house even better than the photos. Link here while it lasts.

p says:

I want. 🙂

hv says:

It's pecular…this house looks like a sixties house in europe. Sort of oldish. Not my style.

Pauline says:

Thanks Jo. I walk my dog past this house every single night so it's good to have a peak inside. A lot bigger than it looks from the front. Love the pool area.

oregonbird says:

I love multi-level living. Brutalist just doesn't get the love it deserves.

frosinia says:

Thanks for the post, very inspiring place not stuffed but v lived-in feeling

Markus says:

I live streets from this house too…definitely good to see it inside. Very lovely, homely modern.

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