Helén Pe

Posted on Tue, 9 Jul 2013 by KiM

I seem to have a black and white and Swedish photographer theme going on today. This time it’s a visual spectacle at the hands of Helén Pe. So lovely.

oregonbird says:

I'm afraid to ask what the fur is on the floor in the room with the cat. But, from candlesticks to muralled dining room (that is FABULOUS) from over-cushioned seating to over-stocked book shelves — that is the way people live, well. It's highly personal, it's got a feeling of make-do and economical decisions, its inviting and for black & white, weirdly warm. I especially like how muted and in-family the choices were in mix & match set-ups; very delicate work.

Sarah says:

Love rooms with full bookcases and a large table! But what's up with the pants?

Maria says:

@oregonbird it's a Swedish sheep, probably from the island of Gotland. Warm and lovely to step or sit on.

Jenny says:

I could look at those last two photos all day. The reflective quality of the art piece and the composition of the actual room is trippy.

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