Stalking a classic

Posted on Wed, 10 Jul 2013 by midcenturyjo

I’m stalking one of the first modern buildings in Australia… Stanhill, designed by Frederick Romberg and built in 1948. On the third floor of this amazing building, part multi-storied urban living, part modernist monument is a 2 bedroom apartment that has undergone cosmetic changes but still harks back to its design beginnings. Want to live in a piece of history? Link here while it lasts. (Thanks Markus!)

Blanders says:

The fact that the current owners had to carve a section out of a heritage-listed wall so that they could open their fancy double door refrigerator is a serious design fail.

Desire to Inspire says:

LOL! Didn't notice that Blanders. Well spotted. – Jo

Markus says:

I mostly just love the natural light throughout, shows how good the original design was in terms of window placement and orientation of entry, hallways and everything. I wish more modern small developments would use external hallway/balcony/access.

I hadn't noticed the fridge wall either but now I have…I kind of love how it highlights how solid that wall is. And had me appreciating how solid all the internal walls are solid brick and have curved edges and skirting. But lol I agree…next time plan for your jumbo fridges people.

Cussot says:

Those living room windows! Swoon …

Tony says:

The refrigerator wall cut-out was the first thing I noticed when viewing that picture. I couldn't agree more with Blanders.
What architect/builder worth their salt would approve an obvious design flaw like that???
Otherwise…I love the interior spaces. Great apartment!!

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