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Posted on Sat, 27 Jul 2013 by midcenturyjo

As one does on a Saturday. Stalking a long thin block of land where Andrew Burges Architecture created a 2 storey contemporary house with connection to the sky and the garden. Privacy and plywood. A great combination. It’s all about with scale, with tightness and opening up, changing levels and opportunistic views. Link here while it lasts. (Thanks Anne for sniffing this one out for me!)

P.S. I have included a couple more images from the architect’s site… just because I can.

Great colors and light on this photos 🙂

Ivy Lane says:

Super cool! I'd stalk that too!

oregonbird says:

I still don't understand the huge master bedroom/tiny children's room thing — the reverse makes more sense to me — but this is a dynamic design. The materials, the décor, the manipulation of space, all aimed at making the home experience easy and memorable. The sort of place you'd not only like to live, but visiting would be a treat as well. Although the huge window directly opposite the /ahem/ facilities might give me a moment's pause!

gorgeous home! after the hard slog of finishing only one room in the 60's Splendour, and seeing great new builds like – I do wonder sometimes!!

only sometimes though.

Kelly says:

I can`t decide which room is my favorite. Each has something different and unique. The design is impressive and I adore when architects make the house sketch allowing natural light to enter. This is a dream house and their owners are very lucky having the chance to live their life in such an amazing building.

rony@gutterguards says:

Undeliverable, am I dreaming..!! I loved every part of every room.

Elvina says:

Garden plays a very beautiful role in decoration of any room. When I saw these ones I was speech less. A very very beautiful look…

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