From public loo to private home

Posted on Tue, 30 Jul 2013 by KiM

We love conversions here at DTI, but they’re typically lofts or churches. This time – it’s a freaking public washroom! A big thanks to Deb for sending us the link to this formerly derelict underground public lavatory located in south-east London. They were built in 1929, and became the home of architect Laura Clark in 2011 and only cost £65,000. Now it’s a pretty cool 1 bedroom flat, with only a bit of tile, a VD sign a couple of mirrors as a reminder of what it once was. Via The Telegraph.

Markus says:

This is so beyond awesome. How does it have so much natural light? Amazing. And the price is just unbelievably low even for this size in SE London. Super cool.

Romy says:

Markus, I guess a big amount of light comes form the glass bricks on the ceiling on each room. Ok when I started reading the post I have never ever expected such transformation. It's just … woaw!, what else can I say?.

Kate says:

I love how they kept some of the original tiles where they needed them, such a gritty contrast to the rest of the modern space. Can't believe they managed a courtyard as well!

So cool and unique! The choices in finishes were wise throughout the apartment.

Now that is exceptional!

superdutch says:

Beautifully done! Knowing what real estate costs in London and what poor quality one can usually expect for ridiculous amounts, this is probably the best value I have ever seen per square foot.

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