Home is where the art is

Posted on Thu, 8 Aug 2013 by midcenturyjo

Climb the stairs from the bluestone lane way in Richmond, Melbourne. Certainly can’t miss the street number. From the ground floor all the way up to the heated pool on the third this modern townhouse is a great example of contemporary inner city style. What would normally leave me screaming for more… more personality, more layering, more sympathetic photos… is saved  by what I always love in a home… more art. Although I am suspicious that this is styled for sale and not an actual home (no fridge in the kitchen) I’m sure we can figure something else to keep the drinks cold when we party on the roof during the open for inspections 😉 Link here while it lasts.

That's a lot of art..And if that doesn't work, the pool sure is a clincher! xx meenal

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