Eichler meet the family. Family meet Eichler.

Posted on Thu, 26 Sep 2013 by midcenturyjo

Take a 1973 Eichler house in Palo Alto. A little tired but very proud. Introduce it to a young family who fell in love with it and wanted to breath new life into it in that minimal sort of way you should when confronted with a faded mid century gem. Enter San Francisco architectural firm yamamar  and the magic happens. Finally add interiors by Alison Garvey. It’s a happily ever after ending.


Lidia Ferreira says:

Nossa! Muito Lindo esse projeto. A casa ficou linda! Fico a sonhar…..pois na minha cidade uma casa desse estilo seria muito perigoso. Moro em Manaus-Amazonas-Brasil. É a casa ideal para nosso clima, que hoje estar fazendo 40°.
Um abraço! Lídia.

Traci says:

This is fantastic. Really stunning and so well done and they did such a beautiful job of maintaining the integrity, while updating it for modern day.

My husband and I bought our Eichler about a year and a half ago (one of the houses we looked at was this same floorplan!) and also did a complete remodel. While we are incredibly happy with ours, it has no where near the wow factor of this one!

Our house before: http://45walldesign.blogspot.com/2012/04/our-eichler.html

Our house after: http://45walldesign.blogspot.com/2012/12/house-tour-part-one.html

I love seeing other Eichler homes featured!!!

Oregonbird says:

Dear D2I… you have SO upped your game.
Love, OB.

Merle says:

Yikes-way too much white! Eichler WOULD NOT have been proud of this one.

Natural wood all covered up-these houses are worth more when they aren't "remodeled".

Looks like a faux-modern that has been "yuppified"! Where's the love?

Steve Mawson says:

Very cool. Any chance of seeing a floor plan ?

Margarita says:

Very cute, very modern and "on-trend", which isn't necessarily the best thing to be. However it's cute. And the pink & silver wallpaper in the bathroom is putting me on an acid trip.

Joe E. says:

So Traci-

Guess that means there are 2 Eichlers now that have the paneling and tongue & groove smothered in white paint
under the guise of "remodeling"?

These houses are timeless and vintage – why ruin a good thing ?

This architectural firm needs to get a "clue"!

A. Quincy Jones and Claude Oakland would be horrified!

Lucas Valley Eichler Dude says:

I own an Eichler too, and I think this looks terrific. Great job!

I'm kind of laughing at the Eichler purist snob responses above…you know, the ones that admonish you for painting your ceiling white. Very cool that through their strong love of Eichlers, they have a special insight and communication mechanism to the deceased, to let us all know how Joseph Eichler and Claude Oakland feel about this today. Amazing! Prophets indeed!

To them, I say "Pass the Grey Poupon, ass****!"

Thanks for sharing, I'm sure you love YOUR house, and it looks terrific!

marina says:

I love your remodel. What is the wood flooring? We are looking to remodel and this is the exact style flooring we want. Your home is an inspiration as we start to tackle our remodel. Thank you for sharing!

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