A mid-century home of art collectors

Posted on Thu, 14 Jun 2018 by KiM

San Francisco designer Alison Damante calls this “New York minimalism meet Berkeley funk”. Here’s the scoop on this inspiring project: Recent East Coast transplants wanted a sparse, white backdrop for their expansive art collection, as well as an authentic design response to their mid-century home, with its bay views, exposed wood beams and original 1960’s cast concrete fireplace. Vibrant colors, handcrafted fixtures and modern furniture take cues from each installation, unifying the space and meshing art with life. I really dig this house. Everything about it architecturally is awesome, and then Alison kept the basics all in bright white so you can really change things up easily by swapping out the art/cushions/accent chairs etc. (Architecture: YamaMar Photography: Bruce Damonte)

Want more? See here and here.

Moyra says:

Stylish, vibrant, interesting, easy living. Anyone could live here. Thanks.

mm says:

gorgeous, everywhere is so well thought out and love the brightness

Leo Sigh says:

Original artwork really does make a place look stunning.

People confuse spending a lot of money on art with original art, though, so often don’t put up artwork that isn’t worth much.

I have original art that was either given to me by friends who are artist, or that I paid $20 for at a craft fair, and it all looks just as nice as anything other people have that is worth thousands. Heck, you can even paint your own artwork and frame it. I do that too, and it looks beautiful (if I say so myself 🙂 ) — gorgeous photos, btw

Hayle H says:

That detail on that fireplace is so unique I love it! The vibes or this home are just conversation starters, great post.

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