Marcia Prentice update – part 1

Posted on Wed, 9 Oct 2013 by KiM

LA photographer Marcia Prentice flipped us an email the other day about some new goodies in her online portfolio. That’s always a treat as it’s been a while since I featured her eye candy (here and here), but there’s more. It seems this brave chick is in Europe right now on a 3 month journey visiting 22 cities and photographing the homes of emerging designers. FUN!!!! You join me and follow along with her European adventure on her travel journal and her Facebook page.

Richard Tooley says:

The items that jumped out to me in the majority of these pictures were the lights. Some very unique choices. I like them all, but very different. The very top one reminds me of Hersey's Kisses.

I think what intrigues me most about the photos is the interesting use of materials – wood and metal. This gave interest, to me, in spaces I normally would not have wanted to spend time with.

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