An Ikea employee’s apartment in Sweden

Posted on Wed, 23 Oct 2013 by KiM

There once was a girl from Quebec by the name Geneviève Labbé who studied interior design. After she graduated she ended up moving to Denmark, met and married a lovely Danish boy, and then moved to Sweden where she landed a job working for Ikea on their catalogs and brochures. (DREAM JOB) This is her apartment in Malmö. And no, it’s not completely furnished by Ikea. She prefers to mix styles and loves incorporating vintage items in her home. And then I moved in. 🙂 (via Le Soleil)

Jared Hayden says:

Nice place. It must be hard living with a stylist though. I imagine even when you put out the recycling, she'd insist it be arranged "just so"…

meg says:

Where can I find that slip covered bed in the last two photos?

emily says:

so many amazing details. lots of dark accent colors throughout the house, but it doesn't seem dark because of all those amazing white walls. gorgeous home!

Yolanda says:

Where can I get that beautiful slip-covered bed?

Romy says:

Sorry, just found a store that ships abroad

KiM says:

meg and Yolanda, unfortunately the article doesn't say where the bed is from.

Romy says:

I'm soooo sorry meg and Yolanda! I got lost in translation (blushing a lot right now) . yep, slip-covered bed and cover bed, two completely different things!

Romy says:

Ok, last post! I swear! I think that is the IKEA Föro Bed. The slipcover was part of the bed. At IKEA web page only found the assembly instructions (here: ) –

Buuut … I found a page were they sell all kind of slipcovers for IKEA furniture:

Hope this help!

Nicole says:

Where is that living room lamp from?

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