Upcycled boudoir

Posted on Wed, 20 Nov 2013 by midcenturyjo

Hanging pallet bed, shutter wall, workbench vanity. Simple upcycling adds another layer to this showcase room by Barasona Design.

(Truth be told I have an obsession with collecting images of pallet beds like collecting church conversions. A decorating tic perhaps.)

Dean Johnston says:

Very contemporary and an extremely attractive look!

mayolina says:

this bathroom is divine! And, although I like the pallet bed, I have my doubts about the bed hanging from the ceiling: every turn might move the bed, banging it against the wall.

peggyp says:

This is more like an art exhibit rather than a room for actual use. Let's face it, a bathroom in the bedroom is gross. And the bed is just dumb, but it looks really cool.

SamPro says:

I think if you look closely, the bed is resting on the ground. The rope may just be for balance and looks. It's probably anchored to the wall too. Nice place!

oregonbird says:

I like the style — and cannot say how glad I was, as I scrolled down, to find that there was at least one facility tucked behind a solid wall. 🙂
I realize that the upscale feeling and girly boudoirlishishness… let's just keep going, shall we? …comes from the smooth finish of the walls, but then I look up and see that ceiling, and I'd trade those walls for rough brick and boarding in a second! I'd just throw in a little extra velvet to reclaim that girl-tone.

Lea says:

No! It looks like a large bathroom with a bed in it.

Pete says:

Upcycled? Those pallets look brand new. Not simply cleaned, but brand new. Pastiche.
Love the monster size shower space.

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