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Posted on Fri, 22 Nov 2013 by KiM

I recently stumbled upon the portfolio of Russian architect Igor Sirotov and was immediately taken with his designs. I can’t tell if these are computer generated or just exteme photoshopped but I don’t really care. This home is all about drama and open spaces and lots of concrete (a bit cold) and the coolest lounge pit in the living room (I may have a slight obsession with lounge pits). Many friends would be required to thoroughly enjoy this home, because it demands some serious partying. 

Margaret says:

Yes I can see myself reading Tolstoy and sipping vodka here.

Bara says:

Very impressive! I'd say it's only virtual as you suggest and not real, unfortunately :o(

peggy says:

it almost doesn't look real….

MadonnaofCoogee says:

Wow, bunker-ific! Those glass floors are terrifying. Would make a brilliant set for a James Bond villain's home.

oregonbird says:

If only there were a few missiles in the corner and a Gorean handmaid chained to the wall — then it would be perfect. Or almost; I would want my see-through floor over the pool, where I could watch the sharks with laser chapeaus frolic. Did anyone else notice the car is off to park under the pool? Russians have a marvelous flair for the ominous, don't they? And apparently, mad photoshop skillz.

All the same, I do like brutalist architecture, imaginary or not. That pit, a floor scattered with leather-bound books, Daniel Craig and a fluffy white cat… do I ask so much from life?

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