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Posted on Wed, 18 Dec 2013 by midcenturyjo

Oh how I’ve been hanging out for the new Inside Out. I’m such an addict! An email from Lee Tran Lam, Managing Editor, gave me little butterflies of excitement. I knew she would be sharing another fabulous home with us. I was wrong. There wasn’t a sneak peek attached. No there were two!

“The first home – styled by Andrea Millar and photographed by Prue Ruscoe – is a really quirky warehouse in Sydney. There’s a “Spaghetti Bar” sign in the kitchenette, a lap timer clock from a swimming school in the dining room and even a trapeze (!) that hangs between the second and third level. (Originally, there was a rope and pulley system between the floors to move goods. The owners put the swing up to take over the void – and use it for chin ups and fooling around!) My favourite room would be the teenage daughter’s bedroom, which has this ultra-colourful rug that looks like a rainbow of burst balloons have been swept into the room.” I love this home. I’d move in tomorrow! The second house? I’ll share that one in a few hours. Completely different and very cool!

Aussie readers can pick up their copy of the Jan/Feb Inside Out Thursday. Don’t fret if you aren’t in Australia though because you can read along on ZinioGoogle Play and the Apple Newsstand.

jane says:

Lovely – those bathroom sconces are so unique!

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