Mid-century mod

Posted on Sun, 12 Jan 2014 by KiM

I think this house is reason enough to move to Salt Lake City – would you agree? Mid-century modern homes are one of my favourite styles – simple architecture but with just enough funk, floor to ceiling windows, often all on one level, a bit of stone detail…. This home has it all and I’d love move in in a heartbeat. Details @ cityhomeCollective.

tucson says:

Lovely house. I like that they didn't tear down walls and open up the space, being true to the mid century era.

Emma says:

OMG, this house is my friends'next door neighbors, incredible!

oregonbird says:

Oh, that fireplace! Who knew that the word 'sweeping' could be used for a nook! An often-peeve: if a TV worship zone is set up, removing the TV for the shoot just ends up looking so very odd. That isn't the only awkward pause — a chandelier knocking against the wall? Walmart trash-deco on the sink? An end table at entirely the wrong height? Whoever dressed this place for the shoot needs 101. I'd quibble about the kitchen — the olive looks elderly without any visual update, and while I absolutely adore lantern tile, it doesn't do anything here but sit there looking morose. But yes, it's an amazing property.

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