Rachel Whiting encore

Posted on Mon, 17 Feb 2014 by midcenturyjo

Light, bright, colourful, fab. Ok we toss those worlds around a lot on the blog but that’s what these images by British photographer Rachel Whiting are. Go lose yourself in Ms Whiting’s portfolio. It’s about shape and colour and form and simplicity. Like jumping into a pool on a hot day. Refreshing.

jyll says:

In case anyone else is completely enamored of that rabbit wallpaper, it is March Hare by Jane Churchill. I just love it!

TMulhern says:

Such beautiful color combinations…..Also beautiful wallpapers there , simply love them.

I love the powerfull combinations and styling

Stina says:

I love the green wallpaper with flowers. Where can I get it? Tried searching but couldn't find it. Please help me!


Claire says:

where can I buy the rug with the green flower wallpaper and the pink setee?

claire says:

also where can i find the bench with the yellow cushion in the room with the rabbit wallpaper.

KiM says:

Sorry folks, we do not know the sources for the products in these photos.

berryisland says:

It looks like some of the pictures are from a book called Creative Family Home, it might have some sources.

jb says:


The beautiful triangle wallpaper on the first picture come from Bien Fait Paris 🙂

[…] Source […]

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